Sunday, January 2, 2011

Onwards and upwards

I posted some pics of Lady Au Pair, Dr Girlfriend, and the Dr Girlfriend Mall Dress on and received this comment about the Lady Au Pair costume:  'Hell yeah!  I knew it was Lady Au Pair by the thumbnail.  Epic!'  I'm considering that a compliment :)  I've put some of the costumes on Etsy, and reposted Lady Au Pair on eBay so hopefully it will sell this time...I'm going back to Joann Fabrics on Tuesday to get more supplies and also some fabric for these knitting needle holders I've been making for family (so far) which I intend to sell at my uncle's restaurant/gift shop, the Freight House in Lyndonville, VT.  They're really neat little cases with pockets to hold all your knitting needles and even crochet hooks.  Look out for them!  I'll be posting pics of them soon...

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