Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lady Au Pair Costume

Lady Au Pair was probably the most fun to make, and the most challenging to date (aside from Dr Mrs The Monarch, which is currently in the prototype phase).  Again, the body of the dress was adapted from the main Dr Girlfriend dress with a lower neckline cut in, and the sleeves are from a pattern I have for a 1920's costume dress.  It wasn't difficult to put the pieces together, and the different parts combined surprisingly well.  There are two tucks down the front and three buttons between them, leading us to the apron which is patterned after one of my grandmother's half-aprons.  There is a zipper in the back and the dress is made of a high quality purple broadcloth with white linen trim and apron.  The gloves are from my Dr Girlfriend outfit and the boots are from eBay, and it took me a long time to find perfect boots for this outfit.

The hat was my first attempt at millinery and came out surprisingly well.  It's patterened after my brother's fishing hat which gives it its floppy character, with a dark purple ribbon around the brim and purple fake flowers stuck in the right places.  I'd love to make this one again, so if you're interested, please just ask for details!!

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