Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr Girlfriend - Double Date Dress

This was more challenging to make than it should have been, and also one of the rare dresses that I had to buy a pattern for.  I used a Butterick pattern for a strapless evening gown, and I tried to build the interior 'scaffolding' for it but it just didn't look I removed it and let the dress be.  It's made from pink satin with a back zip closure.  My only gripe is that it's not as long as it should be - it should ideally hit mid-calf, and this is something I will improve on in the next phase of it.  The necklace is costume jewelry from Joann's that, despite being silvertone, is pretty much what Dr Girlfriend wears in the episode 'Victor.  Echo.  November.' on her double date with Phantom Limb, The Monarch, and JollyRancher82.  The gloves are some I bought from Frederick's of Hollywood forever ago, and the shoes are from Walmart.  There is a long purple coat that goes with this outfit but I haven't been able to find the right fabric to make it, so I don't have it as yet, but watch this space...nothing has been able to keep me down so far!

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