Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Monarch Chestplate

I've just finished the Monarch chestplate, wings and boot tops for a customer.  The chestplate came out really well, I'm very pleased with it and although I wished I had more time to focus on the shoulder pads, overall I think it's pretty ace.  The chestplate and pads are made from the same vinyl as the Henchman 21 costume, and I used stick-backed velcro to adhere the shoulder pads to the costume due to time constraints.  The Monarch insignia is drawn on with a red sharpie.  This is a size medium (men's) but is of course available in any size, so if anyone wants an entire Monarch costume, let me know!  The price for the chestplate, boot tops and wings is $150, the whole Monarch costume is $300.

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